What is Ripio Coin?

RPC is an Ethereum-based community token created by Ripio. Not only you are able to buy and sell RPC like any cryptocurrency, but it will also give you many benefits.

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Benefits of RPC

Ripio is one of the largest crypto asset platforms in Latin America, with more than 3 million users and more than 200 million in transaction volume per month.

We launched RPC in September 2021 with a supply of 10 billion tokens, as the first step in offering the official Ripio cryptocurrency.

Ripio Coin

How to use RPC

You can buy RPC like any other cryptocurrency and also you can obtain RPC by fulfilling different missions within our web platform and in the app. These missions are simple actions that you have to perform, from buying, selling or swapping to referring someone you know to join, among others.

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Ripio Coin